Stephen Iwerebon

With a passion for culinary arts, Stephen Iwerebon has maintained interests in cooking, gardening, traveling, and sampling wines from across the globe with hopes of becoming a self-made chef.

CookingStephen Iwerebon - Culinary Arts

Stephen Iwerebon has always been interested in food since he was a young kid. While most kids tend to stay away from things like seafood or green vegetables, he would always be the first in line to try whatever he could get his hands on. He enjoyed helping his parents cook dinner and would often request trying new dishes.

While in college, Stephen Iwerebon had the opportunity to study abroad where his passion for food and cooking quickly rose to the next level. Experiencing so many different styles and traditional dishes throughout Europe, he couldn’t wait to return home to share his findings with friends and family. He is always the first volunteer to cook or prepare food for a family party of barbecue.


Throughout his travels in Europe during his study abroad experience, Stephen Iwerebon also found a great new passion in learning about different styles of wines. Countries like Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal have amazing local wine selections, each with its own special quality. As a wine enthusiast Stephen Iwerebon enjoys sampling these different wines and learning about their origins as well as which foods they pair with best.


To go along with his love for wine, food, and the culinary world, Stephen Iwerebon also enjoys gardening. He has a wide variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables at his home and loves being able to use fresh ingredients in his meals.

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